#363 Ride a Mechanical Bull

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Riding a mechanical bull was on the SYED list for quite some time now. It seemed like a no-brainer. A scary fun thing to try that was made extremely convenient given there was a place with a mechanical bull 5 minutes from where I worked.

But maybe it was that convenience that made me keep putting it off until I completely forgot about it. That is until Andrzej asked me a couple of days ago, “Whatever happened to riding the bull?”

I quickly mobilized and asked some of my coworkers if they wanted to go with me tonight. Surprisingly, five of them did. While I like to think it was to support the blog, I think it’s more likely they just wanted to see me launched off the bull into the night time sky.

I did a quick google search on how to ride a bull. The only tips I learned were to grip with your legs not your hand and use your hips. But those were vague enough instructions you could apply them to almost anything.

There were two things that scared me about the bull. The first was being embarrassed by not staying a fair amount of time. The second was crushing my skull or breaking my back falling off the thing. The first thing scared me more.

I had a beer and some nachos before signing up to ride the bull. That was probably not the best idea. Add shitting myself as a third fear.

Finally it was time. The bull was surrounded by some pretty decent padding. It was a lot fluffier than I thought. That eased my fears a bit. Maybe I wouldn’t end up a quadriplegic after this. Then I hopped and well, pictures speak louder than words…

I went from “I can do this” to “oh shit” in about 2 seconds. You can see it in the video. When it jumped to that next level I was done. Once you get loose, I don’t think you can get back.

As I walked off, the girl operating the bull reassured me that I had stayed on longer than most. She even encouraged me to come back for the bull riding competition on the weekend though I suspect she said that to everyone to drum up business for the bar.

My wrist was a bit sore after I got thrown off and my inner thighs ached from the death grip I was giving the bull. I was happy to have finally done it. But I was happier that my coworkers were there with me. It was a lot of fun to hang out with them. My last day at work is tomorrow so I’m glad I was able to do this with them.

I might even do ride a bull again. Just call me an Urban Cowboy.

One Comment to “#363 Ride a Mechanical Bull”

  1. Vivi 5 March 2012 at 6:42 pm #

    Bullriding is one of my favorite things to do to embarrass myself!!! glad you tried it and had a video 😉