#233 Awesome Foundation Project Filming Part 2

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Last week I started filming my Awesome Foundation Project. Today was more of the same.

Tim was kind enough to help out again but wouldn’t be available until later in the afternoon. So I planned on going to the beach early to try and film some stuff on my own.

As usual, I started procrastinating again as I was getting ready to leave my apartment. Last week was good to get over the initial fear hump but that didn’t mean that filming again would be any easier. I had some different stuff planned for today as well. Stuff that was harder and more embarrassing to do. I wanted to get some footage of me chasing after people, trying to give them a bike helmet. The goal was to get turned down in a hopefully humorous way. And not to make anybody fall off their bike and sue the pants off me (I don’t have very expensive pants. Trust me. They’re just Levi’s).

Then of course I had to actually give away helmets and I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that. Would it be the same as last week? Something new?

Eventually, I got my ass in gear and headed out. I opted for Venice Beach today to change it up. Unfortunately it was cold and cloudy out. Fortunately, the bikers seemed to still be out in relatively full force when I arrived at the beach.

My day didn’t start out great though. I was going to do a couple more interviews of people not wearing helmets. I found a mother and daughter who were very nice but for some reason I didn’t get their interview footage. I blame the camera but it was probably user error.

Turns out they were the first people I interviewed who actually wanted helmets. I did get footage of me giving them the helmets but I had to set it up myself and it wasn’t the best stuff. Still, I thought it could be useable.

When Tim arrived thing went a lot better. I still had trouble getting started, even though I knew what I wanted. But it was easier than before. I guess eventually it won’t be hard at all to make a fool of myself in public. Lord knows I can already do that privately in spades.

The chasing part was embarrassing as I predicted but most people were nice and just laughed at me. One woman and a couple seemed really pissed off though. Some people need to relax.

I gave away six more helmets. One guy was kind of a douche but everyone else was nice. There was a couple and a guy who were especially grateful. I didn’t mind so much that the guys were on skateboards not bikes. Hey, as long as they got helmets.

People seem to dig the superhero costume. If anything, it gets people to smile or laugh at me. I actually broke out a needle and thread to sew the cape to my bike jersey. I can’t remember the last time I sewed. I think it was a button. Oh wait. I might have just used a safety pin to replace the button instead. But sewing is what makes a bonafide costume. In my book anyway.

All in all, it was a pretty successful day. I looked at the footage and it was better than last time. Using the tripod exclusively helped a lot. I also bought a new lens which made everything look better.

I’d still like to get in two more days of filming before I start trying to edit this thing together. That will be the hardest part of all but at least it won’t require me running around in public making a fool out of myself.

I’m still not comfortable with this whole performer thing. And yet somehow I’m doing all this stuff where I’m performing. Not really sure what that means. But one of my readers wrote to me about how she considered herself shy and one day decided not to do that anymore. Since then she’s been making new friends and even cracking jokes in class. First of all, that’s awesome as fuck. Secondly, there’s a good lesson in there about how much you can decide to be the person you want to be. I’ve decided I want to be Tina Fey only without the scar.

3 Comments to “#233 Awesome Foundation Project Filming Part 2”

  1. derm 24 October 2011 at 6:01 pm #

    Hey. I stumbled across your blog form your reddit post the other day. Since then, I’ve stayed up late 3 nights in a row to read very post. Its 2am here now (Ireland), and I should’ve been in bed hours ago.
    I think its a great read; super idea and well executed. I get not everything is scary to everyone, but social situations are super-scary to many.
    Keep writing!

    • Greg 25 October 2011 at 11:58 am #

      That’s rad man. Thanks for the compliments. I will keep writing if you keep reading!

  2. TheYellowSlant 24 October 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    But…but chicks dig scars!