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#333 Ask My Boss About the Fate of Our Department

Last year my company was bought by a large corporation. Slowly, starting from the top, management has been replaced. Each manager starts replacing the existing people with their own people. It’s only natural. Why would a new manager work with a team they don’t even know? They want to bring in trusted coworkers they know. […]

#332 Make a Monthly Budget

People think I’m good with money. I am for the most part. But I’m the first to admit that when I was younger, I rebounded pretty heavily from my stingy parent’s upbringing. My parents are cheap. But they have an excuse. They’re from China and grew up without much money. Their penny pinching ways have […]

#331 The Bachelorette Audition Video

Last week I applied online to be on The Bachelorette. I found out then that the online application was just the first part and they suggest sending in a mail application along with a video. The instructions for video offered some questions to answer along with some do’s and don’t’s. My first idea was to […]

#330 Be Interviewed for Share Art LA

You may recall a month ago when I mangled a young lady’s lovely rendition of What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve by singing along with her. I actually met Juliana briefly after my Mortified show in LA. Since then she’s been a reader and supporter of the blog. Last month she told me that her […]

#329 Get Set Up on a Blind Date By My Friends

A couple I know told me a few weeks ago that they wanted to set me up with one of their friends. Being set up is a very tricky proposition. Especially when you’re trying to setup your friends. To be honest, I don’t know why people feel the need to embark down that road. Well, […]

#328 Post Some of My Text Messages

Tonight the plan was to go to this UCB show with Kate where they created improv sketches based off someone’s text messages in the audience. I thought it would be a great scary thing if they used the messages on my phone. I worried that my messages might not be exciting enough but I figured there […]

#327 Admit that I Stole From My Grandmother

It was the summer after my sophomore year in college. I had just been driven back from Hanford of all places. A friend of mine in college said he could get me a job over the summer where he lived. I stayed at his family’s house then at a friend of his as I waited […]

#326 Reveal 3 Tiny Words to the LGBT Community on Reddit

A few days ago I started a photo project called 3 Tiny Words. The goal was to show solidarity and help stop discrimination and hate against gays by having users submit photos of themselves with the words “I AM GAY” on them, whether or not they were actually gay. I am the first to admit […]

#325 Apply Online to be on The Bachelorette

Today’s scary thing comes courtesy of friend Nate. Good old Nate just always seems to be chockfull of ideas for SYED. I guess him and his girlfriend are big Bachelor/Bachelorette fans. I remember seeing the first couple of seasons of The Bachelor and then The Bachelorette. It was fun and new back then. Now it […]

#324 Put My Picture Up on Lady Boners (Gone Wild)

Lady Boners Gone Wild is a subreddit where guys post pics of themselves and women judge them. There’s a regular Gone Wild subreddit which is basically the same thing for both guys and girls. But mostly girls. So LBGW seemed to be a better fit. I figured this goes along with my Beautiful People post in […]