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#302 Throw a Dinner Party

A couple of years ago I threw a New Year’s Eve dinner party. It was a pretty extensive undertaking. About ten people showed up. It’s hard enough making food for that many people but I also got ambitious. I had just seen Ratatouille and learned that Thomas Keller actually created a real recipe for the Ratatouille […]

#301 Meet a Reader of SYED

I met someone through this blog before. It  was very early on, only about a month into it. Most of the readers I had at that time were because of my first video and not because of what I had written or what I was doing. Since that time I’ve had 300 posts. I’ve revealed countless […]

#300 Sing Karaoke

When I started SYED almost 10 months ago, one of the first things I ever thought of doing was singing karaoke. At that time, I had never been on stage in front of people. Now I’ve done that a handful of times. But I still can’t sing. If you haven’t heard me not sing before, […]

#299 Admit I Stole Drugs

I first figured out my roommate, Tina, had painkillers when I came home one night and she was lying on the couch watching TV in the dark. She looked completely out of it. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. “I took some pills for my back,” she said in a thick voice. I’d taken Vicodin before […]

#298 Submit a Snooping Story to This American Life

My sister let me know that This American Life was asking for stories about snooping. From their website: We’re working on an upcoming show about snooping – you know, reading someone’s diary, email, etc – and we want your stories. We want to know who snooped on whom (the story can be from the POV of […]

#297 Get My Hair Cut

I’ve had a mohawk for most of SYED. I shaved it for a post awhile back. The response was surprisingly positive, unless people were just being nice. Though it wasn’t just from people I knew. Strangers came up to me and complimented me on it. Suddenly, just by having a haircut, I gained some cool […]

#296 Spend Christmas with My Friends

Christmas for me used to be something special. Like every kid, it was a magical time. I’ve always liked not knowing things more than knowing them. All those wrapped presents. Anything could be inside. The anticipation is what makes that amazing. I guess that’s why I love David Lynch. His movies are like presents that […]

#295 Spend Christmas Eve as a Homeless Person

Just an FYI, this is probably the longest post I’ve ever written but it’s also the most important and I hope you read all of it. I’ve tried to break it up into sections to help readability. Two previous scary things I’d done with homeless people (giving water and having dinner) lead me to today’s […]

#294 Holiday Baking and Chick-Fil-A

Today’s scary thing is a two-for (and not in the good sexy way). For the past few years, I’ve baked cookies and given them out as gifts for the holidays. At first it started out pretty simple. I made chocolate chip cookies. That’s it. Then it evolved into this elaborate thing where last year I […]

#293 Take Charge of a Conversation

I’ve said before how I’m not really keen on talking to boss men in my company. I still talked to the president of my company about a less than comfortable topic. Today I found myself at the last of the company holiday parties. I was talking with a few of my coworkers who are generally […]