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#271 Visit a Coworker in Another Department

I don’t know if it’s like this in other companies, but at my job, each department is its own little world and rarely do people from other departments mingle with each other. It’s like in High School. Freshman don’t talk with sophmores who don’t talk with juniors who don’t talk with seniors. Sure there is […]

#270 Put a Note Up

Offices are weird places. Presumably most people in an office are somewhat educated given they are working white collar jobs. You’d think they’d have some manners. But they don’t. I don’t know if it’s the potential to be anonymous, but the common areas of an office are usually like a war-zone. The kitchen at our […]

#269 List 10 Embarrassing Things About Me

So you should avoid reading the following list if you a) ever want to have any respect for me; b) ever want to or hope to be sexual attracted to me sometime in the future and c) have a weak constitution or a history of fainting or vomiting. I dropped a fried egg sandwich on […]

#268 Fargo Hill Climb Attempt 1

There is a street in LA called Fargo Street. It’s the steepest street in LA at a 32% grade. I’d heard of a “race” where bikers see how many times they can bike up it. But I’ve also heard that most people can’t get up the damn thing at all. Being the idiot that I […]

#267 Work in the Kitchen of an LA Restaurant

My good friend from college, Julie’s brother is Roy Choi. He’s the guy who started the whole food truck craze with Kogi BBQ. Roy is like a poster child for Scare Yourself Every Day. He scared himself by choosing to become a chef after failing at a job he didn’t like. When he succeeded as […]

#266 Go Shopping on Black Friday

I’ve already stated my fear and hatred of grocery stores. This applies ten fold to regular stores. Crowded stores are pretty high on my list of places I’d rather not be, just behind the surface of the sun and just ahead of a Just Bieber concert. As all of us know, the Friday after Thanksgiving […]

#265 Go to Thanksgiving Dinner at a Friend’s

Last year I spent Thanksgiving by myself. I didn’t tell everyone that because if you do, then people look at you with pity or condescension. I don’t mind spending holidays like that alone. I really don’t. The shell I’ve built around me protects me from all the awkward uncomfortable things that tend to happen during […]

#264 Go to the Grocery Store the Day Before Thanksgiving

The holidays are always a weird time for me. I’ve spent most of my adult life developing a system during the holidays that allow me to experience them with as minimal stress and anxiety as possible. Thanksgiving is coming up. Ideally, my Thanksgivings would be spent like this one but without the gecko. But I know […]

#263 Tell My Most Pathetic Thanksgiving Story

The fourth Thursday of November is almost upon us so the theme for my next few SYED posts will be all about Thanksgiving. I thought I’d kick things off with telling an embarrassingly pathetic story about a lonely Thanksgiving in 2001. A few months earlier, me and my girlfriend, Gia, had broken up. A few […]

#262 Tell My Mom I’m Going After My Dreams

It’s no secret that I’ve always been a writer. For as far back as I can remember, writing was the only way I knew how to express myself. My sister was the same way but she differed from me in that she always knew she wanted to do that for a living. Me? I got […]