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#241 Submit My Blog to Dr. Drew’s Life Changers TV Show

I talked before about my love for Dr. Drew. Well, my friend summer told me a little while back about a new show of his called Dr. Drew’s Life Changers. On their site you can submit your idea for a show. I decided to submit SYED on the website tonight. One thing about these entries when […]

#240 Awesome Foundation Filming Part 4

Today was the last day I had scheduled for filming. I needed a full week to edit including a weekend so I had to give away the rest of the helmets today or be screwed (and not in the sexy way). While doing research on Critical Mass, I stumbled upon an event happening today called […]

#239 Give out Food at Occupy LA

After my first trip to Occupy LA, I got an idea to go back and give out food to the people there to show my support. They said if you were going to give out food, it needed to be individually wrapped. I couldn’t go around handing out meatballs for example. I decided upon granola […]

Catch Up

Hey I know I’m terribly behind on blog posts. I’m swamped with the Awesome Foundation Project. But speaking of which, they put my project on their site so I’m all official and stuff: I’m also finishing a video that I’ll post tonight hopefully (Saturday’s post) and will catch up with everything else soon. Another […]

#238 Awesome Foundation Project Filming Part 3

Tonight was another Critical Mass. This time, the Halloween edition. I thought it would be a great place to get some cool footage, talk to people and give away some bike helmets. I asked Tim if he was available to help film. I wouldn’t be able to carry all the equipment and the helmets to […]

#237 Eat Pig Intestine

My people eat weird shit. That’s why I have a video series called “Food from a Chinese Grocery” after all. Tonight I planned to have dinner with a friend, David. He’s my partner in crime when it comes to eating weird food. You know, I’ve been doing a lot of this weird food eating business. […]

#236 Write a Standup Act

Seeing Maggie at her show was inspiring. Doing stand-up comedy at an open mic night somewhere has been on my list of scary things to do from pretty early on. I can’t think of many things scarier for me, to be honest. Because you’re not only performing in front of people, you are actively trying […]

#235 Take My Mortified Piece on the Road

After my Mortified show a few weeks back, the producer Neil said that if I was ever interested in doing the San Francisco show to let him know. Of course this made me happy. It meant my piece had gone over well enough that they were willing to vouch for me at another Mortified show. […]

#234 Sit in the Front Row at a Comedy Show

Andrzej told me that friend Maggie was doing her standup in a comedy competition at Ha Ha’s Comedy Club & Cafe in North Hollywood. He suggested we go check it out. I’ve only been to a handful of live comedy shows in my life. But I still know the number one rule is not to sit in the […]

#233 Awesome Foundation Project Filming Part 2

Last week I started filming my Awesome Foundation Project. Today was more of the same. Tim was kind enough to help out again but wouldn’t be available until later in the afternoon. So I planned on going to the beach early to try and film some stuff on my own. As usual, I started procrastinating […]