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#180 Write a Query Letter

I was talking with a friend the other day and she suggested I start looking for a literary agent now.  Before the blog is even done?  She said it might be good to start now because interest could be generated as the blog comes to a close.  A countdown to number 365.  I figure I […]

#179 Cut Down My Facebook Friends List

For a long time, I refused to be a part of Facebook.  I thought it was a load of narcissistic crap.  Who gives a shit about what you did today?  Ate a bagel?  I don’t want to hear about.  Got a splinter?  Tell someone who cares. But there was growing pressure from my friends to join.  Not […]

#178 Tell one of My Teachers How She Changed My Life

So I was watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia the other night. It was the one where they open the time capsule that has a “check” Sweet Dee wrote for a million dollars to her acting teacher who inspired her in High School. I started to think about Mrs. Smith, a teacher that inspired me […]

#177 Start Work on My Secret Project

So I have a secret project I’m working on.  I can’t reveal what it is just yet as the people I’m working on it with have sworn me to secrecy.  Well, that may be a little dramatic.  But they asked me not to spill the beans and I’ve been good for the month and a […]

#176 Spend the Day With a Stranger

I woke up in the morning, alive.  The night had passed uneventfully. I had to get up somewhat early to meet a friend for breakfast.  It’s always weird having someone stay at my place because I only have one bedroom, they have to sleep in the living room.  So when I’m getting ready in the […]

#175 Let a Stranger Sleep in My Apartment

Since becoming verified on, I haven’t gotten any surfing requests.  And I only had one profile view.  Probably from a curious SYED reader. Then last night I got an email.  My first couch surfing request! It was from a guy named Grant.  He had some references on the site both as a surfer and […]

#174 Write a Script with Someone Else

Months ago, my scary thing for the day was to start writing again.  Screenwriting has been and still is a goal of mine.  It’s not the ultimate goal however.  These days, I just want to do what I love for a living and what I love to do is write.  So whether it’s a screenplay, […]

#173 Contact My First Crush

First crushes are painful.  If I had to compare it to something it would probably be like losing your anal sex virginity.  At least, how I imagine it would be.   Not that I imagine being on the business end of anal sex very much.  Except for this analogy.  My point is, first crushes hurt. […]

#172 Go to Yoga Late

I’ve already talked about how particular I am about what part of the room I practice yoga in. Another thing I’m picky about is going to yoga early. I think me and my sister got our abnormal sense of punctuality from our father.  Our father insisted on arriving to any event at least a half an hour […]

Catch Up – Mortified Show

Well, I’m starting to work on my piece for Mortified so I guess I’m officially in the show.  As official as it gets anyway.  I just wanted to let everyone know the details: Mortified September 21st 8:00 pm King King 6555 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood 90028 Buy Tickets I would love to meet some readers of SYED […]