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#149 Flirt with a Salesgirl

I have no game. This is not an exaggeration. Ask any woman I’ve ever dated. I’m not smooth. I’m not suave. I’m not George Clooney. Rosemary Clooney probably had better game than me. I have no game.  But I do ok.  I talk to women.  Which sounds absurd.  But that’s what I do.  I talk […]

#148 Drive Somewhere Random

Everybody knows it seems.  And why wouldn’t they?  I write about the intimate details of my life on a blog on the internet that anybody can see.  Everybody knows.  And that’s what it feels like. Don’t get me wrong.  I really do appreciate the fact that I have people that care about me and want […]

#147 Go to a Movie By Myself on a Friday Night

Due to recent events, I felt like staying in tonight.  But after awhile, I started to get really bored.  I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in a really long time.  Probably a few months.  There’s rarely anything I want to see during the summer.  But Cowboys and Aliens had just come out.  Also, […]

#146 Agree to Cook on Live TV

UPDATE: My apartment would not work for their TV van so nothing is happening this weekend but fear not!  I’m working on an alternate location and it should happen in a few weeks.  I’ll keep everyone posted. I got an email last week from my friend Dave in San Francisco: Would you consider cooking on […]

#145 Keep Going

There was a time in the past and maybe not too long ago when breaking up with my girlfriend would have sent me into a spiral.  I don’t have any drugs in my apartment anymore but I have booze.  And maybe I could’ve started drinking heavily.  But I didn’t.  I went to sleep last night […]

#144 Make a Photo Post

Every post up until now has been my writing.  Either in post or video form.  Today I’m scaring myself by posting a single photo with a caption which probably says more than a lot of my other posts combined. She didn’t want to give it back.  I didn’t want to take it.

#143 Lean on My Mom

I’ve learned over the years that I can’t get certain things from my mom.  She won’t get excited about the same things I do.  I can’t go to her and tell her about what’s going on with this blog.  Even though I think it’s the one thing in my life that I’m most proud of. […]

#142 Food from a Chinese Grocery – Beef Blood

#141 Tell the Story of How I Almost Killed Myself

Today, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her flat in London. Though an autopsy still needs to be done, it’s almost certain she died of an overdose in some form.  Was it intentional?  Maybe at that moment it wasn’t.  But continuing to take drugs that endanger your life is a conscious decision in itself. I was […]

#140 Eat a Special Brownie

Hold on.  Before you get your panties in a bunch, it’s not what you think.  Really. I was at work today when one of my coworkers, Susan, IM’d me: SUSAN: Have you done your scary thing for today? Whenever anyone says that to me it perks my interest.  I really enjoy that people try to […]