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#118 Go Through the Journals from My 20’s

My friend Matt had a suggestion for SYED the other day where I contact one of my ex-girlfriends and sort of figure out what went wrong. I thought it was definitely an interesting idea. Very “High Fidelity.” But the truth is, I already know pretty much what went wrong in each relationship. I’ve had enough […]

#117 Give out a Micro Loan

I could never have gone to college without a loan. Unless of course I could’ve gotten California residency and not paid three times the tuition as an out-of-state student. But I’m not bitter. I swear. My point is loans can be life changing. Now I’m pretty fortunate that the only loans I’ll really ever have […]

#116 Answer a Scam Email

Sitting in my email box, like pretty much any day, was a pretty typical scam email. I won’t reprint the whole thing here. But it was a straightforward Advance-Fee Fraud. In this example, a representative from a bank in London says a large fund from the National Lotto Group in England kept a large sum […]

#115 Complain about Product

I’m not the kind of person to complain about stuff. It’s pretty rare that I’ll complain about food at a restaurant. Even rarer to send it back. Something really has to be wrong with it. I owe this gift to my mother who made me eat whatever was in front of me no matter what […]

#114 Get a Mani-Pedi

I am a pretty modern dude.  I think women should be treated as equals.  My girlfriends have all been strong and independent.  Girl power and all of that. But at the same time, I think men and women should be different.  I don’t need my women to play video games or talk about sports with […]

#113 Spend the Day in Solitary Confinement

I stumbled upon an article the other week about solitary confinement.  It was a fascinating and very scary read.  Part of me was curious about what such an experience would be like.  But of course another part of me was scared.  Still, I had to see what this was like for myself. Now, this is […]

#112 Enter a Short Story Contest

The first story I ever wrote was with my sister.  We were pretty young.  Our dad had just bought our first computer: an Apple IIc.  We typed out some story that involved our lunch lady at school I think.  I don’t remember much more beyond that because we didn’t know that you had to save […]

#111 Go on a Ride During Work

I work at an office that has the unusual feature of being located next to a theme park. I’ve been here for over three years. During those years I have been inside the park, eaten lunch there but never gone on a ride. It’s another one of those things where you never do the touristy […]

#110 Apply to the Awesome Foundation

I recently heard about something awesome called, well, the Awesome Foundation. They give out $1000 grants for pretty much anything that seems, you guessed it, awesome. This video has been making the rounds recently. In it, these guys use the Awesome Foundation grant to put up swings all around LA: So I figured, why not […]

#109 Get Waxed

I’m not sure at what point in history did hair become an unwanted trait in women. But they have been battling it for at least a century. Shaving, tweezing, waxing, electrolysis, even pointing laser beams at the unwanted follicles. Men? We get a free pass for the most part. Sure we have to shave our […]