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#88 Reveal Something Not Another Living Soul Knows About

I think in this world, there are few things that a person has done or said that at least one other person doesn’t know about.  Either another person involved (unless you killed that person… haha… uh…) or someone who has heard about it in one way or another. For today’s scary thing, I thought long […]

#87 Using… Uh… “It”

STANDARD VULGAR LANGUAGE NSFW/NSFL WARNING So for the epically numbered #69, I purchased a Fleshlight knockoff and promptly put it in my hall closet where it has sat for 18 days. The day after #69, Nate at work said, “You HAVE to use it and write a post about it.” My immediate reaction if memory […]

#86 Don’t Give Up

If there’s one thing that St Louis is known for it’s the gateway arch. Going there is a no brainer.  You don’t go to New York and not see the Statue of Liberty or San Francisco and not see the Golden Gate Bridge. Me and Clara had planned to go up in the arch today […]

#85 Say What’s Bothering Me

I used to think I was a good communicator in relationships. I still think I am in a certain way.  Certainly my emotions are out for the world to see but the reason behind them are sometimes a mystery, even to myself. I’ve been in therapy.  The head shrinking kind if that wasn’t obvious. One […]

#84 Serenade a Girl in a Bar

Today was the day I was finally going to St. Louis. Going through the airport went smoothly.  I bypassed the body scan machines again.  Got on the plane quickly with a spot for my carryon.  But before we took off, the flight attendant told us that it was the pilot’s last flight before retirement. Um… […]

Meet me in St. Louis

I’m off for the weekend dear readers.  Updates will probably be sketchy but that doesn’t mean I’m not doing scary things.  Stay tuned!

#83 Let Mormon Missionaries into My Home

In the SYED theme of scaring the bejebuses out of myself with different religions (Scientology 1–2–3–4 and Pentacostalism so far…) and upon a suggestion from Helen, I signed up at to send some guys in short sleeve dress shirts and bad ties on bicycles to my apartment tonight.  I imagined I was mobilizing my […]

#82 Eat Durian

I eat the nasty fruit, Durian. EDIT: I added Andrew Zimmerman’s reaction from Bizarre Foods. I swear we are eating two different fruits: And Mr. Anthony Bourdain’s feelings about the fruit (I’m starting to feel the same way):

#81 Take a Different Way to Work

I’ve ridden my bike to work for about three years now.  I drive every now and then if it rains or I have to run an errand or I’m running late but for the most part I’m on my bike in the mornings and evenings. It’s honestly, one of the best parts of my job. […]

Catch Up – St. Louis

So if you couldn’t figure out from my last post, I am going to St. Louis this weekend.  If any readers in the area want to hang out and show me the town, I would be down for that and would buy you beer.  Shoot me an email using this form. Or even if anyone […]