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#57 The Church of Scientology Part 4: The Final Chapter (not in 3D)

Three afternoons in my life and various voicemails and text messages had finally lead up to this point in my exploration into Scientology: the auditing session. I pretty much did the opposite of everything they tell you to do before an auditing session. They tell you to have at least 8 hours of sleep (I […]

#56 First Kiss in a Public Place

I’ve had my fair share of first kisses.  Not a lion’s share or anything mind you.  Maybe like a young cheetah’s share.  Ok, probably more like a large house cat’s. Anyway, they’ve always taken place in a private setting. Why? Partly because I’m really not the type to do PDA. But more so because a […]

#55 Pick the Funky Ones

I had an eye exam today.  I hate eye exams for several reasons.  First of all, the eye chart.  There’s a lot of pressure when you have to choose which lens is better between one and two.  I mean, we’re talking about my prescription here.  I don’t want to screw anything up otherwise I won’t […]

#54 Finally Talk to that Cute Girl in Yoga

I had seen this red head in some of my yoga classes for awhile.  I thought she was cute.  There are a lot of cute girls in my yoga classes but for some reason she stuck in my mind. We never practiced near each other so we never talked.  Time went on and I would […]

#53 Start Online Dating Again

I have done my share of online dating in the past.  I have to admit, I’m pretty good at it.  Up until the part where I actually meet the girl.  But since I can write, my profile doesn’t sound like I copied and pasted it from a Maxim article and Old Spice ad.  And when […]

#52 More Studio Lot Exploration

I’ve complained before about how working on a movie studio lot really isn’t that exciting.  But since starting this blog, I’ve taken a couple of excursions to areas I’ve never been to before (sound stage and movie sets) that have brought some of that missing excitement back. Today after lunch, I had some free time […]

#51 Show Every ID Photo I’ve Ever Had

What do people hate doing? Showing you their driver’s license photo. Why? Because it’s usually a horrendous photo. So what would be scarier than showing EVERY ID photo I’ve ever had on the Interwebs?  Ok, maybe it’s not all of them but it’s most.  I’m pretty anal about keeping ID cards. High School Oh boy. […]

#50 The Church of Scientology Part 3

I had gotten a few voicemails during the week about going back to the Scientology Mission I had been to twice already. I knew that the next step was an audit and I made the decision last week not to go back. But part of me wanted to finish the process.  The free audit was […]

#49 Be in a Magic Show

Let’s get this out of the way: I hate magicians. I’m not sure when or why this hatred developed.  Part of me is in fact, interested in the art of magic.  I went to Vegas in my early 20’s and me and my friends stopped by a magic store.  A magician was giving some magic […]

#48 Eat Live Octopus

So for #48, I thought I’d try to do a video post. On thing I learned from making this video is that the Inception Trailer Music makes everything awesome. Also, sorry for the low resolution, it was the limitation of the video taken. And another sorry for the ads. Fucking copyright. Let me know what […]