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#27 (For real!) Meet Someone Through this Blog

I used to blog before it was even called blogging.  That’s how old school and original I am! And during these old school days of “blogging” (some of us called it “journaling”) I met who would become one of my oldest friends, Dave.  Back then the community was pretty small so most bloggers knew of […]

#26 Walk Through a Soundstage

I work on a movie lot.  When I first started working here and heard it was going to be on a movie lot, I thought I was in for a real treat.  Surely everyday I walked past the soundstages I would see Cylons, Zombies, Vampires, Pharaos walking around.  I would see giant props being carted […]

BONUS – Catch Up

I just want to say thanks to all the people who have been reading my blog.  You guys are awesome and leave cool comments and emails.  Some even look out for me when I mess up like with the last post I gave away the gender of the mystery coworker.  Although if anybody I work […]

#25 Telling a Coworker to Be Quieter

I work with someone, let’s call him or her “Coworker X” (CX for short), who is, for lack of a better term, the loudest fucking person I have ever heard in my entire. CX screams, yells and cackles like a hyena from its office with its door is wide open. It talks to itself.  Belches. […]

#24 Shaving the Goatee

I have never really had much facial hair to speak of. For most of college, I really didn’t have to shave. And only my upper lip. And only on every other full moon. But it seemed like every guy around me could grow full, Paul Bunyon, mountain man beards.  They would grow a variety of […]

#23 Make a Sequel

So #15 yielded some very interesting and highly unexpected results especially considering I had zero expectations. In most ways, this made it easy to put the video on YouTube.  Who was going to see it?  Who was going to care if it sucked?  It will probably just fade into oblivion. But then came 100,000 views […]

#22 Go to a Creepy Random Dance Club

So Saturday night started out pretty normal.  Andrzej invited me to go to a Clippers game with him.  Yes Clippers.  Maybe if we worked for a first place network we would have Lakers tickets but alas. We went to Seven Grand (again) to shoot some stick before the game.  I had a couple of whiskeys […]

#21 Breaking the Work Barrier

When Nate starting working at my company, I thought to myself, whoa!  A real live hipster!  This is so cool!  I didn’t think much about it after that.  But then I got to know Nate found out he’s an intelligent, cool dude.  Most of all, we get each other’s humor which is fairly difficult for […]

#20 Throw a Dart at a Map and Go There

So it was approaching the end of the work day and I had not done my scary thing.  There was a moment when a cute girl was walking by the place I was having lunch and I thought I should run out into the street and talk to her.  This would have been fairly impressive. […]

#19 Finally Reveal My Crush to Somebody

I’m going going to leave out her name here out of respect for the person I’m talking about.  And I’ve talked about this person before in my other blog.  This person was a girl that I used to work with who I had a massive crush on.  Crush is an understatement.  Imagine that I’m an […]