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#349 You’re My Jeremy Lin

My Dad sent me an email yesterday in which he talked about Jeremy Lin. My sister suggested I write an essay about it and submit it to an Asian blog site, It sounded like a great scary thing to do so here’s the essay I sent in: You’re My Jeremy Lin My Dad sent […]

#335 Tell My Mom I Quit

My mom was aware of my intention to quit. I just never told her when it was going to be. I knew that clinging to that vague hope that I might not actually do it was allowing her to be somewhat functional with me. As usual, I considered not telling my mom that I actually […]

#327 Admit that I Stole From My Grandmother

It was the summer after my sophomore year in college. I had just been driven back from Hanford of all places. A friend of mine in college said he could get me a job over the summer where he lived. I stayed at his family’s house then at a friend of his as I waited […]

#307 Tell My Mom I Forged Report Cards in High School

When I was having lunch with Syliva, we were talking about the things we did to avoid displeasing our strict Asian parents. An old memory popped into my head. I completely forgot that I forged report cards in High School so my Mom wouldn’t get mad at me for getting… B’s. I knew that I […]

#292 Reach out to My Mom

A little while back, I told my parents that I was going after my dream of being a writer. My mom seemed like she took the news really well. My father said she just wanted me to be happy. So when I got a phone call earlier this week from my mom, I didn’t think […]

#262 Tell My Mom I’m Going After My Dreams

It’s no secret that I’ve always been a writer. For as far back as I can remember, writing was the only way I knew how to express myself. My sister was the same way but she differed from me in that she always knew she wanted to do that for a living. Me? I got […]

#259 Tell My (Almost) “Getting Caught” Stories

Growing up, I had some near miss “Getting Caught” situations. There was one time I was in my bedroom having some “me time” when my sister walked in without knocking. I had a lock on my door but I guess I was just so caught up in the moment I forgot to use it. I […]

#254 Take a Picture at Hot Cookie

A little while back I saw my friend Toby had checked-in on Facebook at a place in San Francisco called Hot Cookie. I checked out their Facebook page and saw a bunch of photos of people in red underwear out in public. I found out that this was their thing and decided that I should […]

#252 Perform in Mortified San Francisco

Today was the start of my Mortified “Tour.” I was headed to San Francisco for a show tonight and then Berkley tomorrow night. I talked before a bit about the home field advantage versus going on the road. Well that advantage turned out to be bigger than I thought. I had a nightmare at the […]

#209 Send My Parents My Mortified Video and a Whole Lot More

My parents knew in the vaguest of terms about my Mortified show. They knew I would be performing in some way in front of a bunch of people. But they didn’t really understand what I was reading. My dad had sent me my old journals so they knew that much but nothing more. After the […]