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#365 The End (?)

From very early on, I knew that I wanted to end Scare Yourself Every Day with a big party. I always envisioned it as a huge event. Renting out an entire bar. Hundreds of people. Everyone who supported the blog and everyone who was a part of it. The Scientologists, the Mormon Missionaries. My psychic […]

#364 Last Day at Work

A month ago I quit. Well, gave my notice at least. Of course that was a difficult decision. One of the most difficult of my life. But that whole time after you’ve given notice, you feel as though you can back out at any time. Sorry boss! It was just a bluff to get more […]

#349 You’re My Jeremy Lin

My Dad sent me an email yesterday in which he talked about Jeremy Lin. My sister suggested I write an essay about it and submit it to an Asian blog site, It sounded like a great scary thing to do so here’s the essay I sent in: You’re My Jeremy Lin My Dad sent […]

#342 Write a Letter to Future Me

My friend Matt sent me a text awhile back about writing a letter to myself in the future. I looked around tonight and found a site called where you can send your future self an email. This is what I wrote: Dear FutureMe, You’re 46 now. Hard to believe right? I hope you stuck […]

#336 Write a Press Release

My friend Erin has been hounding me to write a press release about SYED. My initial reaction was resistance. A press release seemed so futile. Did anybody really read those things? Wouldn’t it be better to have a more targeted approach to get my blog noticed? Also, I felt kind of dumb writing one. I […]

#335 Tell My Mom I Quit

My mom was aware of my intention to quit. I just never told her when it was going to be. I knew that clinging to that vague hope that I might not actually do it was allowing her to be somewhat functional with me. As usual, I considered not telling my mom that I actually […]

#330 Be Interviewed for Share Art LA

You may recall a month ago when I mangled a young lady’s lovely rendition of What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve by singing along with her. I actually met Juliana briefly after my Mortified show in LA. Since then she’s been a reader and supporter of the blog. Last month she told me that her […]

#292 Reach out to My Mom

A little while back, I told my parents that I was going after my dream of being a writer. My mom seemed like she took the news really well. My father said she just wanted me to be happy. So when I got a phone call earlier this week from my mom, I didn’t think […]

#262 Tell My Mom I’m Going After My Dreams

It’s no secret that I’ve always been a writer. For as far back as I can remember, writing was the only way I knew how to express myself. My sister was the same way but she differed from me in that she always knew she wanted to do that for a living. Me? I got […]

#261 Submit a Story to Snap Judgement

Dear reader and personal SYED consultant Sherry, offered a new suggestion in her latest email: submit a story to Snap Judgement. Snap Judgement is a radio show where people tell their stories, much like The Moth. My whole goal with these type of scary things is getting my work out there. I’ve always been scared […]