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#363 Ride a Mechanical Bull

Riding a mechanical bull was on the SYED list for quite some time now. It seemed like a no-brainer. A scary fun thing to try that was made extremely convenient given there was a place with a mechanical bull 5 minutes from where I worked. But maybe it was that convenience that made me keep […]

#272 Work on Again

I’ve been doing yoga for almost three years now. Pretty soon after I first started, I had this idea for a yoga business that included a website and corresponding iPhone app. I talked to some of my teachers about it and everyone seemed to agree it was a really great idea. I got very motivated […]

#258 Talk to Someone New at Yoga Part 2

Then the other day I was emailing with a reader who mentioned he had a goal of talking to one new person a day. A long time ago one of my scary things was to talk to someone new at yoga. Since then, I haven’t talked to anyone new at yoga. As I said in that […]

#255 Stay and Go

I don’t know if it’s the let down from the weekend or lack of sleep since I got home late this morning at 1am, but I felt down in the dumps today. Everything felt off somehow. Work. Life. And of course, most of all, I felt lonely. Why do humans have this need to share […]

#232 Demo a New Move in Yoga

I’ve taken yoga for two and a half years now. Over that time, teachers from time to time have asked me to demo a particular pose or transition. The first time it happened, it was for a pretty simple pose that requires a certain type of hip flexibility that I have. So it was easy […]

#192 Have Happy Birthday Sung to Me in Yoga Class

Ok, so I had no choice in the matter of this one but it still counts as a scary thing because I still had options. I could’ve run jumped out the window. I could’ve strangled myself with a strap. I could’ve impaled myself on the statue of Vishnu at the front. I could’ve done all […]

#185 Do 108 Sun Salutations

I had heard about people doing 108 Sun Salutations in Yoga before but I wasn’t quite sure why one would do such a thing.  It sounded pretty tough.  If you don’t know what a Sun Salutation, check out the video below: Now imagine doing that 108 times.  Imagine doing anything 108 times.  You get the […]

#172 Go to Yoga Late

I’ve already talked about how particular I am about what part of the room I practice yoga in. Another thing I’m picky about is going to yoga early. I think me and my sister got our abnormal sense of punctuality from our father.  Our father insisted on arriving to any event at least a half an hour […]

#145 Keep Going

There was a time in the past and maybe not too long ago when breaking up with my girlfriend would have sent me into a spiral.  I don’t have any drugs in my apartment anymore but I have booze.  And maybe I could’ve started drinking heavily.  But I didn’t.  I went to sleep last night […]

#103 Practice Yoga 5 Days in a Row

People who have never taken yoga before think it’s easy. It’s just stretching, they say. How hard can it be? Some yoga classes are like this. But the advanced ones are a tough 90 minute workout. The first time I ever took an advanced class I barely made it through. I was delirious afterwards and […]