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#364 Last Day at Work

A month ago I quit. Well, gave my notice at least. Of course that was a difficult decision. One of the most difficult of my life. But that whole time after you’ve given notice, you feel as though you can back out at any time. Sorry boss! It was just a bluff to get more […]

#355 Apply for a Job

The day after I quit my job, I got an email from my former boss. It was about a job opening at a certain awesome late night host’s TV show. The job sounded like a perfect fit to me to be honest. I kind of sighed and put it out of my mind. I was […]

#343 Participate in Formal Friday and Staying Strong

I don’t dress up at work. Part of it is I don’t want to ruin nice clothes by seating in front of a computer all day. The other part is I just don’t care. So most of the time I look only a few steps removed from my homeless person costume. Nate told me he […]

#340 Tell the Story of How I Ripped a Hole in My Pocket to…

Some of you may remember when I admitted that I ripped a hole in my pocket to beat off at work. This is the story of that… When I first moved to LA, I signed up with a temp agency. They ended up getting me a job at Los Angeles County Museum of Art or LACMA. […]

#339 Apply to a Modeling Agency

I was talking to a couple of friends who work in fashion. I was talking about how I was quitting and thinking about ways to make some extra money. One of the girls said I would make a good fit model. I never thought I’d make a good any kind of model. But I had […]

#334 Quit My Job

About six months ago I wrote this post about taking control of my life. I was cryptic about it because that was the moment I decided I was going to quit my job. Not some fantasy but 100% quitting. It was after a particularly bad day at work and I just made up my mind […]

#333 Ask My Boss About the Fate of Our Department

Last year my company was bought by a large corporation. Slowly, starting from the top, management has been replaced. Each manager starts replacing the existing people with their own people. It’s only natural. Why would a new manager work with a team they don’t even know? They want to bring in trusted coworkers they know. […]

#321 Email the President of My Company About SOPA/PIPA

I work for a company who is waging a fruitless war against online piracy. Months ago I sent an email voicing my dissenting opinion to the committee formed to spearhead this war. I didn’t hear a reply. Last month I saw the president at the company holiday party and gave him my opinion in person. We weren’t able […]

#293 Take Charge of a Conversation

I’ve said before how I’m not really keen on talking to boss men in my company. I still talked to the president of my company about a less than comfortable topic. Today I found myself at the last of the company holiday parties. I was talking with a few of my coworkers who are generally […]

#292 Reach out to My Mom

A little while back, I told my parents that I was going after my dream of being a writer. My mom seemed like she took the news really well. My father said she just wanted me to be happy. So when I got a phone call earlier this week from my mom, I didn’t think […]