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#169 Let Her Go

There are a few things around my apartment that remind me of her.  I see them every day and I leave them there with same vague hope that someday she’ll be around and need them again.  They’re common household items.  It’s funny how the simplest things can hold the most meaning. In the shower, her […]

#162 Finish my Registration on

A short time ago I signed up on In order to actually start hosting people you have to get your address verified.  The process is simple: they send you a postcard with a verification code which you enter on the website. Well I got my postcard last week and finally verified my address today. […]

#150 Sign up on

Let’s get this out of the way: I will never have a roommate ever again in my life as long as I shall live. Unless I’m fucking them of course. I like living by myself. Sure, I have to deal with crippling bouts of loneliness every now and then but it’s so worth it. There’s […]

#113 Spend the Day in Solitary Confinement

I stumbled upon an article the other week about solitary confinement.  It was a fascinating and very scary read.  Part of me was curious about what such an experience would be like.  But of course another part of me was scared.  Still, I had to see what this was like for myself. Now, this is […]

#78 Live Like It’s My Last Day on Earth

May 21st 2011.  Some guy predicted through use of some archaic, goofy and flawed numerology that today would be Judgement Day. That got me thinking.  What if it was my last day on Earth?  What would I do?  Within reason anyway. I woke up in the morning and ate breakfast.  Hey, I’m not about to […]

#33 Introduce Myself to My Neighbor

I’ve had three downstairs neighbors since I moved into my current apartment. The first was a single gay man.  The first time I met him was when he knocked on my door to tell me my bass was too loud.  I was shocked.  Normally I was the tight-ass quiet neighbor.  But here I was being […]

#2 Spring Cleaning

I think I’m a fairly neat person.  I know at least I’m about 10x neater than your average single guy. But still I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over my life and about 75% of it is useless and resides in my closets.  Every time I open my closets I cringe, and then quickly close […]