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#326 Reveal 3 Tiny Words to the LGBT Community on Reddit

A few days ago I started a photo project called 3 Tiny Words. The goal was to show solidarity and help stop discrimination and hate against gays by having users submit photos of themselves with the words “I AM GAY” on them, whether or not they were actually gay. I am the first to admit […]

#322 Start 3 Tiny Words

EDIT: Please visit and like the 3 Tiny Words Facebook page! I am pretty passionate about gay rights. Being Chinese, I know all about discrimination and prejudice. The thing about gay hate is that it’s so… stupid. And stupid things annoy me. And when something annoys me, I get passionate about it. I mean, at […]

#321 Email the President of My Company About SOPA/PIPA

I work for a company who is waging a fruitless war against online piracy. Months ago I sent an email voicing my dissenting opinion to the committee formed to spearhead this war. I didn’t hear a reply. Last month I saw the president at the company holiday party and gave him my opinion in person. We weren’t able […]

#310 Attend No Pants Metro Ride 2012

I’m not sure how I heard about No Pants Metro Ride 2012. It could have come to me in a dream for all I know. But there it was. For the fourth time apparently. A day when people ride the metro here in LA and other major cities without pants. In other words, how a […]