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#331 The Bachelorette Audition Video

Last week I applied online to be on The Bachelorette. I found out then that the online application was just the first part and they suggest sending in a mail application along with a video. The instructions for video offered some questions to answer along with some do’s and don’t’s. My first idea was to […]

#329 Get Set Up on a Blind Date By My Friends

A couple I know told me a few weeks ago that they wanted to set me up with one of their friends. Being set up is a very tricky proposition. Especially when you’re trying to setup your friends. To be honest, I don’t know why people feel the need to embark down that road. Well, […]

#325 Apply Online to be on The Bachelorette

Today’s scary thing comes courtesy of friend Nate. Good old Nate just always seems to be chockfull of ideas for SYED. I guess him and his girlfriend are big Bachelor/Bachelorette fans. I remember seeing the first couple of seasons of The Bachelor and then The Bachelorette. It was fun and new back then. Now it […]

#287 Date Again

It’s been no secret that recently I’ve been going through past my relationships and really trying to think about where I am in life and who I want to be with. Awhile back, a girl, Kate, wrote me on OKCupid. She sent me a really nice message about reading my blog and enjoying it. I […]

#285 Message Someone on OKCupid Without Seeing What They Look Like

Last night, as I was browsing through OKCupid, I realized that the first thing I looked at on a girl’s profile was their picture. In my defense, the photos are located at the top of the profile so how could you not look at that first? Plus, who are we kidding here? You have to […]