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#336 Write a Press Release

My friend Erin has been hounding me to write a press release about SYED. My initial reaction was resistance. A press release seemed so futile. Did anybody really read those things? Wouldn’t it be better to have a more targeted approach to get my blog noticed? Also, I felt kind of dumb writing one. I […]

#334 Quit My Job

About six months ago I wrote this post about taking control of my life. I was cryptic about it because that was the moment I decided I was going to quit my job. Not some fantasy but 100% quitting. It was after a particularly bad day at work and I just made up my mind […]

#332 Make a Monthly Budget

People think I’m good with money. I am for the most part. But I’m the first to admit that when I was younger, I rebounded pretty heavily from my stingy parent’s upbringing. My parents are cheap. But they have an excuse. They’re from China and grew up without much money. Their penny pinching ways have […]

#272 Work on Again

I’ve been doing yoga for almost three years now. Pretty soon after I first started, I had this idea for a yoga business that included a website and corresponding iPhone app. I talked to some of my teachers about it and everyone seemed to agree it was a really great idea. I got very motivated […]