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#365 The End (?)

From very early on, I knew that I wanted to end Scare Yourself Every Day with a big party. I always envisioned it as a huge event. Renting out an entire bar. Hundreds of people. Everyone who supported the blog and everyone who was a part of it. The Scientologists, the Mormon Missionaries. My psychic […]

#344 Play Accomplice Hollywood

Awhile back my friend Summer told me about this live-action scavenger hunt type game called Accomplice Hollywood. Apparently Neil Patrick Harris has something to do with it and that’s all the endorsement I really needed. The basic idea is you and a group of people play try to solve some sort of mystery in Hollywood. […]

#338 Go to the “Gayest Super Bowl Ever”

I was talking with my coworker, Rachel about how I hadn’t planned anything scary for Super Bowl Sunday. I wanted to do something related to football but couldn’t think of anything. Rachel said she had the perfect thing for me to do and forwarded me an email. It was a flier for a Super Bowl […]

#323 Go to a Book Club

Whenever I think about a book club, I recall that Seinfeld episode where George joins a book club. Rather than read the book, he tries to watch the movie an hilarious hijinx ensue! I didn’t even think they still had book clubs. Don’t people just watch Oprah for that sort of thing? But I was […]

#302 Throw a Dinner Party

A couple of years ago I threw a New Year’s Eve dinner party. It was a pretty extensive undertaking. About ten people showed up. It’s hard enough making food for that many people but I also got ambitious. I had just seen Ratatouille and learned that Thomas Keller actually created a real recipe for the Ratatouille […]

#296 Spend Christmas with My Friends

Christmas for me used to be something special. Like every kid, it was a magical time. I’ve always liked not knowing things more than knowing them. All those wrapped presents. Anything could be inside. The anticipation is what makes that amazing. I guess that’s why I love David Lynch. His movies are like presents that […]

#288 Go to Board Game Night Alone

I’ve done my fair share of solo social outings. Tonight I continued with that by going to a board game night alone. This particular board game night was put on by my friend, Bob. I saw by the guest list that he was inviting some people that I knew. I also knew those people probably […]

#287 Date Again

It’s been no secret that recently I’ve been going through past my relationships and really trying to think about where I am in life and who I want to be with. Awhile back, a girl, Kate, wrote me on OKCupid. She sent me a really nice message about reading my blog and enjoying it. I […]

#282 Ask My Friend for His Honest Opinion of Me

I’ve been thinking a lot about myself and relationships. I used to think that I wanted to get married and have kids. Then I wasn’t so sure. I don’t know exactly why that changed. I used to think I knew what I wanted in a girlfriend. But then that completely went out the window with […]

#281 (Try to) Take a Pole Dancing Class

Last week I got an email for a Living Social Adventure for a pole dancing class. Of course this set off a SYED detection alarm in my head. It sounded like an awesome thing to try. I had been thinking about taking a pole dancing class for awhile, actually, but just not gotten around to […]