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#318 Go on an Audition for a Show About

A few days ago I applied to be on a show about my experience on They called me again today and asked if I wanted to come in for an interview/audition. Today? That was pretty short notice. I considered pushing it off till next week. But since I happened to have no work today […]

#307 Tell My Mom I Forged Report Cards in High School

When I was having lunch with Syliva, we were talking about the things we did to avoid displeasing our strict Asian parents. An old memory popped into my head. I completely forgot that I forged report cards in High School so my Mom wouldn’t get mad at me for getting… B’s. I knew that I […]

#244 Learn How to Line Dance… at a Gay Bar

Today I got some interesting news from the Awesome Foundation about my project. They couldn’t get a venue for next Thursday’s Art Walk which is when they were going to show my video. Which means, I get at least a month extension to finish my video. I felt like in school when the teacher gives […]

#187 Post Embarrassing Poetry Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of embarrassing poetry! This installment comes from my tumultuous High School Years.  My dad sent me a bunch of my old journals from home because I was looking for anything else I could use in my Get Mortified Show.  I didn’t find anything for the show, but I did find some […]

#178 Tell one of My Teachers How She Changed My Life

So I was watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia the other night. It was the one where they open the time capsule that has a “check” Sweet Dee wrote for a million dollars to her acting teacher who inspired her in High School. I started to think about Mrs. Smith, a teacher that inspired me […]