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#184 Ride a Fixed Gear Bike

I had been looking to buy a fixed gear bike for awhile. For those of you who don’t know, a fixed gear bike is a bike where the real hub does not move unless the pedals move. A freewheel hub can spin when the pedals aren’t moving. This happens when you coast on a bike. […]

#167 Ride with the Peloton

Over the last few months, when I’ve been riding to work in the morning, I’ve run into a group of road bikers.  They are your typical road bikers.  Fancy bikes, fancy jerseys, riding in a big old wanna be peloton that takes up an entire lane on the road. I hate them. Are they really […]

#151 Ride the Whole Way to Work Without Putting My Foot Down

The first time I rode with clipless pedals was in college.  When I got to my first stoplight, I couldn’t unclip in time.  I stopped and fell completely over to the side.  When something like that happens, there is no playing it off.  You can’t look at the ground in confusion, like some random piece […]

#134 See Carmageddon for Myself

Carmageddon was in full swing today and I brought up Google maps to check out the traffic.  I was shocked to see virtually every freeway was green.  I admit I thought it was going to look like The Road Warrior out there.  Still, that was this morning.  Tonight might be a different story when people […]

#132 Give Water to a Homeless Person

Homeless people are inherently scary.  Most folks go out of their way to avoid them.  They are dirty, smelly and look like they would stab a fork in your liver for a fistful of change.  They favor the earth tones probably because they are so filthy.  A homeless person in pastels might not be so […]

#126 Ride my Bike around the Lot

When it’s time to go home from work, I don’t fuck around.  I head right for my bike, hop on and hightail it out of there.  It’s not that work is so bad.  It’s just I’d so rather be anywhere else but there.  I don’t like to linger around the office just shooting the shit. […]

#81 Take a Different Way to Work

I’ve ridden my bike to work for about three years now.  I drive every now and then if it rains or I have to run an errand or I’m running late but for the most part I’m on my bike in the mornings and evenings. It’s honestly, one of the best parts of my job. […]