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#358 The Awesome Foundation – Helmet Hero

If you recall, last year I got a grant from The Awesome Foundation to give away bike helmets. I was supposed to make a video to show my experience and it was going to be shown at a party. I was pretty excited about this but it kept getting pushed back and pushed back and […]

#346 Be Nice on My Bike

I don’t mean to sound overly dramatic but every day I ride my bike to work is another chess match with cars where my life and death hang in the balance! Ok. Maybe not. But look, it can be bad out there and yes it’s possible I could die. I can’t express how bad it […]

#268 Fargo Hill Climb Attempt 1

There is a street in LA called Fargo Street. It’s the steepest street in LA at a 32% grade. I’d heard of a “race” where bikers see how many times they can bike up it. But I’ve also heard that most people can’t get up the damn thing at all. Being the idiot that I […]

#240 Awesome Foundation Filming Part 4

Today was the last day I had scheduled for filming. I needed a full week to edit including a weekend so I had to give away the rest of the helmets today or be screwed (and not in the sexy way). While doing research on Critical Mass, I stumbled upon an event happening today called […]

#238 Awesome Foundation Project Filming Part 3

Tonight was another Critical Mass. This time, the Halloween edition. I thought it would be a great place to get some cool footage, talk to people and give away some bike helmets. I asked Tim if he was available to help film. I wouldn’t be able to carry all the equipment and the helmets to […]

#233 Awesome Foundation Project Filming Part 2

Last week I started filming my Awesome Foundation Project. Today was more of the same. Tim was kind enough to help out again but wouldn’t be available until later in the afternoon. So I planned on going to the beach early to try and film some stuff on my own. As usual, I started procrastinating […]

#226 Start Filming for My Awesome Foundation Project

So the time had come to start filming for my Awesome Foundation Project, the one where I give away bike helmets. As I’ve said many times before, I have been worried about this project. Deeply worried. In a way, I’m more scared about this than my Mortified show. This is going to be a lot […]

#210 Ride in Critical Mass

I admit it. I have a really negative view of Critical Mass. Most of the stuff I’ve seen about it are videos of confrontations between cyclists and drivers. I liked the original idea of Critical Mass but it seemed like it had turned into just an excuse for bikers to take over the road, harras drivers […]

#195 Go On a Late Night Bike Ride

I’ve ridden my bike at night plenty of times. Mostly it’s after a night of drinking after work and I have to ride home semi-inebriated which is probably not the safest thing to do because sometimes you get crazy ideas like, “Hey! I bet I could ride on the freeway for one exit!” But I’ve […]

#193 Reveal My Secret Project and Go My Own Way

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about working on a “secret project”.  Well, tonight I’m gonna go ahead and reveal that project. I wrote a post about applying to something called the Awesome Foundation a couple of months ago.  The Foundation gives $1000 grants out for any sort of creative, fun and […]