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#338 Go to the “Gayest Super Bowl Ever”

I was talking with my coworker, Rachel about how I hadn’t planned anything scary for Super Bowl Sunday. I wanted to do something related to football but couldn’t think of anything. Rachel said she had the perfect thing for me to do and forwarded me an email. It was a flier for a Super Bowl […]

#274 Play Paintball

When I think of paintball, I think of a bunch of rednecks living out war fantasies. I also think of ow, because it looks like getting with a paintball fucking hurts. Still, it’s always been something I’ve wanted to try. I used to play “guns” all the time as a kid and even though I […]

#260 Climb a Mountain

“We’ve got 20 minutes and about 500 feet of elevation to go,” Ed said to me and Phil. “I have no idea what that means,” I said. “Can we make it in time?” Ed sighed and looked at the summit, which was tantalizingly in view. “We’re going to have to haul ass.” I looked at […]

#197 Ninja Training

A few weeks ago Living Social Adventures was selling something called Ninja Training.  Ninja you say? Naturally, I jumped on it. I had to be there at 10:30am today. When I got there, I saw there were already a lot of people standing around. I didn’t consider that I would be flying solo for this […]

#165 Take a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class

I’ve always been interested in martial arts but not for just punching and kicking and beating someone’s ass.  I’ve been drawn to the philosophy behind it.  It’s difficult to find a martial art that has the ass kicking component as well as the philosophical one.  Harder still is to find a school that teaches both. […]

#163 Start Training for a Triathlon

I’ve always been intrigued by triathlons because it’s an all-around test of your fitness.  You need upper body strength to complete the swim, lower body for the biking and running and of course, you have to be in a great cardiovascular shape to make it through the entire race. I have been toying with the […]

#128 Work out on Santa Monica Beach

The only weight-lifting type stuff I do now are body-weight exercises. Some people call it cross-fit. Basically, if you look at a male olympic gymnast’s body, they are ripped to all hell but they don’t lift weights. It’s all exercises using their own body. To me this is the most useful type of fitness and […]

#127 Take an Aerobics Class with Richard Simmons

Look, I’m not saying Richard Simmons is scary. Sure he is a flamboyant, unapologetically gay man with orange skin, short short shorts and sequins tank tops but… ok. So maybe he’s a little scary. But he’s always seemed to have a sense of humor about himself. About these very things.  Whether it was by letting […]

#120 Take a Rock Climbing Class

Rock Climbing is one of those macho, bad ass things that I’ve always wanted to try but just have never gotten around to.  Which is a bit strange considering how much I loved climbing stuff when I was a kid.  I was like a monkey.  Scurrying up trees, walls, buildings, houses, anything I could. I […]

#108 Follow the Advice of My Psychic

So awhile back, I went to a psychic for one of my scary things. I swear to God, this morning I was just thinking about my visit with her and what she said, strangely, about baseball: And baseball.  Something to do with baseball.  Even though I don’t really watch the sport or care about it […]