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#354 The Moth StorySLAM Attempt #2 and The Party

Ok, I’m now officially pissed off. I prepared another story for The Moth StorySLAM this week. If you recall, I went last week but didn’t get picked by their retarded method of pulling names randomly from a bag. Why is it retarded? Because everyone has the same chance. Whether you’ve told a story thirty times […]

#350 Take a Ballroom Dancing Class

I’ve been pretty blunt about my dancing ability or lack thereof. You’ve seen it here, here and here. Do I need to give you more evidence? Maybe that’s why dancing is a common theme in this blog. It’s pretty scary to me because I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. Which would be fine […]

#347 The Moth StorySLAM Attempt #1

Awhile back I attended something called StorySLAM. It’s a storytelling competition put on by The Moth, a radio program dedicated to the art of storytelling. Well, I finally decided I wanted to tell a story at one. There was a show for Valentine’s Day with the theme “Love Hurts.” I knew that the story of […]

#344 Play Accomplice Hollywood

Awhile back my friend Summer told me about this live-action scavenger hunt type game called Accomplice Hollywood. Apparently Neil Patrick Harris has something to do with it and that’s all the endorsement I really needed. The basic idea is you and a group of people play try to solve some sort of mystery in Hollywood. […]

#326 Reveal 3 Tiny Words to the LGBT Community on Reddit

A few days ago I started a photo project called 3 Tiny Words. The goal was to show solidarity and help stop discrimination and hate against gays by having users submit photos of themselves with the words “I AM GAY” on them, whether or not they were actually gay. I am the first to admit […]

#308 Sneak into a Movie Screening

I have been known to give up easily on certain things. I admit it. In St. Louis I was ready to give up on seeing the Arch but Clara wasn’t. At Comikaze, I was ready to give up on getting a photo with Erin Gray but Lea pushed to make it happen. I was with […]

#304 Go to a Korean Spa

I first heard about Korean Spas from my Korean friend Julie. She explained it to me once a while ago but the only thing I really took away from the conversation was: YOU HAVE TO BE NAKED THE WHOLE TIME. That may be an exaggeration, but you do have to spend most of your time […]

#290 Send a Snarky Tweet to a Celebrity

In my quest to get more readers to SYED, I’ve been more active in my Twitter account for the past few months (PS – follow me, I occasionally have something somewhat funny to say!). Twitter is weird though. It’s hard to get followers. One way is to tweet at celebrities in hopes they retweet you. […]

#275 Wear a Wizard Costume in Public

I spend a lot of my time trying to be anonymous. As much as I can as a 6’3″ Chinese guy. I dress nice but don’t wear anything flashy. I don’t behave in a way to attract attention to myself. I don’t speak or laugh loudly. I like to fly under the radar because I get […]

#266 Go Shopping on Black Friday

I’ve already stated my fear and hatred of grocery stores. This applies ten fold to regular stores. Crowded stores are pretty high on my list of places I’d rather not be, just behind the surface of the sun and just ahead of a Just Bieber concert. As all of us know, the Friday after Thanksgiving […]