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#356 Get Colon Hydrotherapy

GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS AND MAYBE A GLIMPSE OF SOME POO! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. My bum hole is kind of like my body’s final frontier. I never even saw the damn thing till I was in my 20’s. Never touched it until I thought I had worms or hemorrhoids a couple of years ago and it turned […]

#341 Watch The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

This post contains SPOILERS! Oooohhhh! There are certain movies that come out when you’re young that maintain a mystique throughout your life. The longer you don’t see them, the bigger their mystique becomes. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover came out in 1989 when I was 14. It caused a big stir because […]

#337 The Cinnamon Challenge

Like most people, I’ve been seeing videos of people attempting The Cinnamon Challenge all over the interwebs. If you don’t know, the challenge is to consume one spoonful of cinnamon. That’s it. Most people spit it out within seconds, blowing powdered cinnamon everywhere. I was home tonight with no plans, bored and figured I’d give […]

#319 Taste… Myself

I’m just gonna warn you guys right now. This is not going to be pretty. It’s going to be the opposite of pretty. It’s going to be gross. You may gag. You may even vomit. I hope you don’t, but you might. Whatever you read from this point on, you do so at your own […]

#291 Watch Earthlings

I’ve heard about the movie Earthlings for awhile. No it’s, not a high octane action movie about the people of Earth banding together to fight a seemingly insurmountable advancing horde of alien Hippos. It’s a documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix about how we treat animals like shit. I had also heard it was one of those movies […]

#273 Eat Insects

I don’t like insects as much as the next guy. I’m not terrified of them but I’m not snuggling up with them at night in bed either. At least, not to my knowledge. When I see spiders in my apartment, I don’t kill them. Yes, I’m one of those guys who says, “But the spiders […]

#251 Send Food Back and “Guts”

What does it mean to have guts? Some people say I have guts because I write this blog. I’m not so sure. Sometimes I feel like I do. Sometimes I don’t. For instance, my scary thing for the day was sending back food at a restaurant. I know it sounds stupid, but most of the […]

#245 Watch “The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence”

A little while back I watched Audition, a Japanese Horror film often at the top of people’s “scariest movies” lists. It turned out to actually be a decent movie. Creepy but not overly disturbing or scary. In that post, I mentioned The Human Centipede as a movie that people think is a lot worse than it […]

#237 Eat Pig Intestine

My people eat weird shit. That’s why I have a video series called “Food from a Chinese Grocery” after all. Tonight I planned to have dinner with a friend, David. He’s my partner in crime when it comes to eating weird food. You know, I’ve been doing a lot of this weird food eating business. […]

#228 Eat Alligator

I’ve eaten some weird things in the past. I started out with live octopus then shifted to my “Food from a Chinese Grocery” series. Today I decided to go back to eating weird food in a restaurant. Namely: Brats Brothers. I heard about this place and ate there a few years back. It’s a little […]