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#351 Go to an Oasis Church Service

I got a flier the other day in the mail for something called the Oasis Church. It’s one of these non-denominational Christian church aimed specifically at 20-30 year olds. The thing I noticed about the flier was that it didn’t look like a regular church flier: Not that it was some great work of art, […]

#280 Become an Ordained Minister

Nate is always trying to get me to go to Chick-Fil-A. I won’t for two reasons. I don’t eat chicken and I don’t want to support a company that is against same-sex marriage. But then I hatched an idea for an awesome scary thing. I would stage a gay wedding at one of their restaurants […]

#157 Observe Ramadan for a Day

I learned from a friend on Facebook that Ramadan had started a week ago.  Ramadan is a period of fasting from both food and water in order for Muslims to show their submissiveness, humbleness and praise to Allah.  This occurs for thirty days and the fasting lasts between sunrise and sunset.  Fasting also includes no […]

#156 Go to Catholic Sunday Mass

I’m back on the religious exploration tract it seems. Now, I’ve explored Scientology, Pentecostalism and Mormonism.  Perhaps the top 3 religions that people would answer when asked, “What religions scare the knickers off you?” However, I’ve said many times before that you can take any religion, no matter how old, show it to somebody who had never […]

#83 Let Mormon Missionaries into My Home

In the SYED theme of scaring the bejebuses out of myself with different religions (Scientology 1–2–3–4 and Pentacostalism so far…) and upon a suggestion from Helen, I signed up at to send some guys in short sleeve dress shirts and bad ties on bicycles to my apartment tonight.  I imagined I was mobilizing my […]

#78 Live Like It’s My Last Day on Earth

May 21st 2011.  Some guy predicted through use of some archaic, goofy and flawed numerology that today would be Judgement Day. That got me thinking.  What if it was my last day on Earth?  What would I do?  Within reason anyway. I woke up in the morning and ate breakfast.  Hey, I’m not about to […]

#57 The Church of Scientology Part 4: The Final Chapter (not in 3D)

Three afternoons in my life and various voicemails and text messages had finally lead up to this point in my exploration into Scientology: the auditing session. I pretty much did the opposite of everything they tell you to do before an auditing session. They tell you to have at least 8 hours of sleep (I […]

#50 The Church of Scientology Part 3

I had gotten a few voicemails during the week about going back to the Scientology Mission I had been to twice already. I knew that the next step was an audit and I made the decision last week not to go back. But part of me wanted to finish the process.  The free audit was […]

#44 Go to a Pentecostal Church Service

After discussing my adventures in Scientology with a friend of mine, she suggested I check out other churches for my blog.  One was a Pentecostal Church. The main, albeit sensationalistic, trait that distinguishes Pentecostalism from other Christian denominations is Speaking in Tongues and faith healing.  If you need a crash course in both, watch this […]

#43 The Church of Scientology Part 2

It was Saturday.  The day I was supposed to return to the Scientology Center. I filled out the personality test they had given me on Thursday.  It was three pages and probably 150 questions.  They were pretty standard personality test questions.  We took a million of them in college when I was getting my psychology […]