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#277 Give Someone an Early Unexpected Christmas Present

My experience in the kitchen at Sunny Spot really made me think about people who just starting out, struggling to get a career going. The guy that I mentioned, “Lime” is his early 20’s. He has a girlfriend and going to get married soon. And he’s slaving away in a kitchen so he can go to […]

#271 Visit a Coworker in Another Department

I don’t know if it’s like this in other companies, but at my job, each department is its own little world and rarely do people from other departments mingle with each other. It’s like in High School. Freshman don’t talk with sophmores who don’t talk with juniors who don’t talk with seniors. Sure there is […]

#267 Work in the Kitchen of an LA Restaurant

My good friend from college, Julie’s brother is Roy Choi. He’s the guy who started the whole food truck craze with Kogi BBQ. Roy is like a poster child for Scare Yourself Every Day. He scared himself by choosing to become a chef after failing at a job he didn’t like. When he succeeded as […]

#265 Go to Thanksgiving Dinner at a Friend’s

Last year I spent Thanksgiving by myself. I didn’t tell everyone that because if you do, then people look at you with pity or condescension. I don’t mind spending holidays like that alone. I really don’t. The shell I’ve built around me protects me from all the awkward uncomfortable things that tend to happen during […]

#263 Tell My Most Pathetic Thanksgiving Story

The fourth Thursday of November is almost upon us so the theme for my next few SYED posts will be all about Thanksgiving. I thought I’d kick things off with telling an embarrassingly pathetic story about a lonely Thanksgiving in 2001. A few months earlier, me and my girlfriend, Gia, had broken up. A few […]

#261 Submit a Story to Snap Judgement

Dear reader and personal SYED consultant Sherry, offered a new suggestion in her latest email: submit a story to Snap Judgement. Snap Judgement is a radio show where people tell their stories, much like The Moth. My whole goal with these type of scary things is getting my work out there. I’ve always been scared […]

#259 Tell My (Almost) “Getting Caught” Stories

Growing up, I had some near miss “Getting Caught” situations. There was one time I was in my bedroom having some “me time” when my sister walked in without knocking. I had a lock on my door but I guess I was just so caught up in the moment I forgot to use it. I […]

#253 Perform in Mortified Berkeley

So with last night’s performance under my belt, I was feeling quite confident about tonight’s show. The thing that was going to make this show difficult was the presence of ten or so of my friends. While I had a great turn out at LA, there were a few less friends that showed up but […]

#201 Perform in a Live Show Called “Mortified”

I am off to the side in darkness. On stage the first person of the night, reads her piece. She’s bathed in the super bright white of a spotlight. I’m so nervous. Jessica doesn’t look nervous at all and I envy her for that. How the fuck did I get here? About to go on […]

#192 Have Happy Birthday Sung to Me in Yoga Class

Ok, so I had no choice in the matter of this one but it still counts as a scary thing because I still had options. I could’ve run jumped out the window. I could’ve strangled myself with a strap. I could’ve impaled myself on the statue of Vishnu at the front. I could’ve done all […]