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Well, yesterday’s post was obviously the hardest post I’ve ever written. What did I want to include? How did I want to say it? What should I leave in? What should I leave out? What kind of tone did I want? It’s like trying to make a series finale for a TV show. Sometimes you […]

#348 Pitch My Virginity Story to RISK! and Some Catch Up

Still smarting from the pain of not being picked to tell my story at The Moth StorySLAM, I wiped away my tears and set fingers to keyboard. Unofficial SYED Consultant, Sherry, told me about another show that might want me to tell my story. It’s called RISK! and it seems to be a raunchier version […]

#284 Participate in Reddit Secret Santa and Catch Up

I’ve never done a Secret Santa. I’ve heard about it on TV and in the movies but never actually participated in one. At work, we usually have white elephant type gift situations. Secret Santa just never came up. When I saw that Reddit was running a Secret Santa, I decided to sign up. On their […]

Catch Up

Hey I know I’m terribly behind on blog posts. I’m swamped with the Awesome Foundation Project. But speaking of which, they put my project on their site so I’m all official and stuff: I’m also finishing a video that I’ll post tonight hopefully (Saturday’s post) and will catch up with everything else soon. Another […]

#194 Answer Your Questions

Scare Yourself Every Day #194 Answer Your Questions from Gregory Tung on Vimeo. Question List: On a scale of 1-10, how attractive would you rate yourself? Where do you leave the sperm when you masturbate? Have you ever experimented with anal play? How many pens do you own? If you think rationally and objectively, how […]

#183 Swimming in the Ocean and Halfway Point Reflections

I stand on the beach, sand sliding between my toes.  I hear a couple whisper to each other behind me.  I hear a family laughing to my right.  To my left, two friends bury another in the sand.  I see the ocean in front of me, vast, wide, blue.  So comforting from here where it’s […]

Catch Up – Mortified Show

Well, I’m starting to work on my piece for Mortified so I guess I’m officially in the show.  As official as it gets anyway.  I just wanted to let everyone know the details: Mortified September 21st 8:00 pm King King 6555 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood 90028 Buy Tickets I would love to meet some readers of SYED […]

Vegas Baby Vegas

So I’ll be in Vegas from Sunday till Tuesday playing in Event 54 at the World Series of Poker.  If anybody wants to meet up with me lemme know.  Updates might be sparse until Wednesday.  Wish me luck!

Catch Up – St. Louis

So if you couldn’t figure out from my last post, I am going to St. Louis this weekend.  If any readers in the area want to hang out and show me the town, I would be down for that and would buy you beer.  Shoot me an email using this form. Or even if anyone […]

Catch Up – My Glasses

Well I got my new glasses. I feel like striking this pose every time I put them on: I realize that most people probably don’t think these are “funky.”  But I do.  Isn’t that what counts?