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#148 Drive Somewhere Random

Everybody knows it seems.  And why wouldn’t they?  I write about the intimate details of my life on a blog on the internet that anybody can see.  Everybody knows.  And that’s what it feels like. Don’t get me wrong.  I really do appreciate the fact that I have people that care about me and want […]

#133 Go out During Carmageddon

Unless you’ve been living under some heavy, inanimate object you’ve heard of something called Carmageddon. No, it’s not a new Jerry Bruckheimer movie staring Nicholas Cage as scrappy, misunderstood delivery driver who gets caught up an apocalyptic war of automobiles.  It’s the closure of the busiest freeway in LA for an entire weekend. Lanes have […]

#121b Play to Win

My original plan going into the World Series of Poker tournament I was playing was just to make it past the first day.  The first day is arguably the hardest day to make it past.  The most people are playing and the most people get eliminated.  The early blinds double every hour for three hours […]

#121a Try the Twenty Dollar Trick

When I was getting ready for my trip to Vegas, I read over at the 2+2 Poker Forums about the Twenty Dollar Trick. Apparently the idea is to slip a twenty dollar bill between your driver’s license and credit card when you check in at a hotel and then ask, “Do you have any complimentary room […]

#84 Serenade a Girl in a Bar

Today was the day I was finally going to St. Louis. Going through the airport went smoothly.  I bypassed the body scan machines again.  Got on the plane quickly with a spot for my carryon.  But before we took off, the flight attendant told us that it was the pilot’s last flight before retirement. Um… […]

Catch Up – St. Louis

So if you couldn’t figure out from my last post, I am going to St. Louis this weekend.  If any readers in the area want to hang out and show me the town, I would be down for that and would buy you beer.  Shoot me an email using this form. Or even if anyone […]

#80 Ask Someone to Go on a Trip With Me

Awhile back I threw a dart at a map and it landed in St. Louis, Missouri.  Some two months later, my trip has snuck up on me. It was in the back of my mind that I was going but I never really thought about it until me and Clara were having dinner with another couple. […]

#34 Me Vs. TSA

Today was the day I was going back to New Jersey to see my folks. That meant one thing: flying. I hate flying. I mean really despise it. The main reason being that airline seats were made for midget bulimics with no arms. I’m a fairly tall drink of water so I need to stretch […]

#20 Throw a Dart at a Map and Go There

So it was approaching the end of the work day and I had not done my scary thing.  There was a moment when a cute girl was walking by the place I was having lunch and I thought I should run out into the street and talk to her.  This would have been fairly impressive. […]