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#363 Ride a Mechanical Bull

Riding a mechanical bull was on the SYED list for quite some time now. It seemed like a no-brainer. A scary fun thing to try that was made extremely convenient given there was a place with a mechanical bull 5 minutes from where I worked. But maybe it was that convenience that made me keep […]

#356 Get Colon Hydrotherapy

GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS AND MAYBE A GLIMPSE OF SOME POO! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. My bum hole is kind of like my body’s final frontier. I never even saw the damn thing till I was in my 20’s. Never touched it until I thought I had worms or hemorrhoids a couple of years ago and it turned […]

#354 The Moth StorySLAM Attempt #2 and The Party

Ok, I’m now officially pissed off. I prepared another story for The Moth StorySLAM this week. If you recall, I went last week but didn’t get picked by their retarded method of pulling names randomly from a bag. Why is it retarded? Because everyone has the same chance. Whether you’ve told a story thirty times […]

#350 Take a Ballroom Dancing Class

I’ve been pretty blunt about my dancing ability or lack thereof. You’ve seen it here, here and here. Do I need to give you more evidence? Maybe that’s why dancing is a common theme in this blog. It’s pretty scary to me because I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. Which would be fine […]

#349 You’re My Jeremy Lin

My Dad sent me an email yesterday in which he talked about Jeremy Lin. My sister suggested I write an essay about it and submit it to an Asian blog site, It sounded like a great scary thing to do so here’s the essay I sent in: You’re My Jeremy Lin My Dad sent […]

#348 Pitch My Virginity Story to RISK! and Some Catch Up

Still smarting from the pain of not being picked to tell my story at The Moth StorySLAM, I wiped away my tears and set fingers to keyboard. Unofficial SYED Consultant, Sherry, told me about another show that might want me to tell my story. It’s called RISK! and it seems to be a raunchier version […]

#347 The Moth StorySLAM Attempt #1

Awhile back I attended something called StorySLAM. It’s a storytelling competition put on by The Moth, a radio program dedicated to the art of storytelling. Well, I finally decided I wanted to tell a story at one. There was a show for Valentine’s Day with the theme “Love Hurts.” I knew that the story of […]

#344 Play Accomplice Hollywood

Awhile back my friend Summer told me about this live-action scavenger hunt type game called Accomplice Hollywood. Apparently Neil Patrick Harris has something to do with it and that’s all the endorsement I really needed. The basic idea is you and a group of people play try to solve some sort of mystery in Hollywood. […]

#343 Participate in Formal Friday and Staying Strong

I don’t dress up at work. Part of it is I don’t want to ruin nice clothes by seating in front of a computer all day. The other part is I just don’t care. So most of the time I look only a few steps removed from my homeless person costume. Nate told me he […]

#340 Tell the Story of How I Ripped a Hole in My Pocket to…

Some of you may remember when I admitted that I ripped a hole in my pocket to beat off at work. This is the story of that… When I first moved to LA, I signed up with a temp agency. They ended up getting me a job at Los Angeles County Museum of Art or LACMA. […]