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#288 Go to Board Game Night Alone

I’ve done my fair share of solo social outings. Tonight I continued with that by going to a board game night alone. This particular board game night was put on by my friend, Bob. I saw by the guest list that he was inviting some people that I knew. I also knew those people probably […]

#246 Meet Number One My 80’s Crush

There was a Groupon last week for two tickets to a new comic book convention in LA called Comikaze. It’s supposed to be LA’s answer to ComicCon. Well, at least what ComicCon used to be which was a convention about comic books. Now it’s about almost everything BUT comic books. I was expecting this to […]

#144 Make a Photo Post

Every post up until now has been my writing.  Either in post or video form.  Today I’m scaring myself by posting a single photo with a caption which probably says more than a lot of my other posts combined. She didn’t want to give it back.  I didn’t want to take it.